About WAVE

WAVE is a project funded by LSU’s Coastal Sustainability Studio for an interdisciplinary team to develop a smartphone app. The purpose of the app is to improve emergency preparedness for commercial fishermen and other users of the waterway.
WAVE is now available on the iOS App Store!

WAVE enables many publicly available tools and datasets to be accessible to mobile devices for the first time. Data sources include CERA, LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries, LA Dept of Natural Resources, and NOAA. WAVE also provides offline access to GIS maps and several data layers to increase usability during emergencies. WAVE’s design is adaptable and scalable and can be adjusted to incorporate other types of data.

Maps and Charts

WAVE provides access to various maps and navigational charts. Although not a suitable substitution for onboard charts, electronic versions of NOAA navigational charts can be viewed in a typical online map format. Various navigational GIS map overlays are also provided.


Our Weather Conditions section includes typical 5-day weather forecasts as well as 72-hour precipitation forecasts, weather warnings, and CERA’s observed and predicted water height time series graphs.


The Emergency tool allows users to overlay data layers relevant to waterway users, including state-claimed water bodies and waterway obstructions to navigation. We also provide contact information for a variety of emergency services.


Our Storms tool allows users to to view storm paths and high water mark data for select historical hurricanes, provided by LSU’s Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program. Users can also compare real time weather data and current storm predictions with historical data.

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